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Quantum Healing Meditation (QHM) has a broader understanding similar to Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), that not everyone is able to be seen in person by a practitioner of their choosing, like Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) where in person sessions are required. Given this present-day climate some may not or are not capable of leaving their homes, state, or even country to have an in-person session. Time and time again Quantum Healing practitioners have proven that remote sessions are not only just as powerful but are extremely simple and easy. I myself went through a remote session with a colleague and had the most amazing experience and adventure. This led to extremely clarifying outcomes in my life as well as immense healing that still continues to this day. It all happened through my computer screen. 


Quantum Healing Meditation is a beautifully guided meditation. Every individual is guided the same, but all have a different outcome, and it is ALWAYS educational, not only for the client but the practitioner as well.

The answers we seek are within us, all we have to do is open the right doors and walk through to see, hear, feel, and experience them. (Please see FAQ for details)

QHM is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) combined with other modalities. 

What is BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing is directly related to QHHT®. Created by Candace Craw-Goldman who worked with Dolores Cannon for many years before her passing in 2014. Candace branched off to expand the work of late Dolores in offering more modalities when it comes to Quantum Healing. Welcoming all practitioners to come together and incorporate their skills and practices. It is also a type of regressive hypnosis but with fewer restrictions than that of QHHT. A BQH induction is different from a QHHT induction however, the outcomes are both the same. Reaching the higher self and obtaining goals to exploration in order to create a connection between your current life challenges and how your past or previous life's experiences. This all brings about answers as to why certain patterns repeat, ailments are formed, and why healing isn't taking place. 

What is QHHT

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a method that has been developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon over several decades. This type of hypnosis allows people to access a very deep part of themselves to obtain answers and receive instantaneous healing, if it's appropriate. This is generally obtained through the deepest level of trance, one that we call the Somnambulistic level. This level naturally occurs twice a day, right before you are falling asleep and right before you are waking up. Most hypnotherapists do not work with this type of trance simply because they do not have access to this technique, or they are too weary of exploring its depths and mysteries. This method can bring fortuitous results, including revisiting ones past life or lives. QHHT is a powerful tool that allows us access to what we like to call the "Subconscious" (SC); sometimes also referred to as the Over Soul and even the Soul itself. The SC resides beyond our conscious mind and has the answers we seek when we find ourselves stuck in our current life searching for answers and healing. This is a great part of our selves that is connected to The Source, or God. There lies unlimited knowledge and unlimited abilities to heal the body. We sometimes become disconnected from our soul and have a hard time realizing that the root of our ailments or dis--eases come from early, current, or past life traumas. They are connected to lessons that must be learned in our present life. The SC assists by revealing the cause(s) and will also aid in discovering the particular lesson that needs to be learned. 

Some extraordinary results Dolores Cannon and her QHHT Practitioners have experienced with clients and subjects during their sessions:

  • Cancer – various types at various stages cleared.

  • Cartilage – reconstruction between joints.

  • HIV – cleared and eradicated.

  • Heart – healed with no surgery required.

  • Liver – fully functional regeneration and restoration.

  • Kidney – fully functional regeneration and restoration.

  • Wounds – regeneration with no scarring.

  • Migraines –root causes explained and removed.

  • Vision – 20/20 eyesight restored with no need corrective vision.

  • Diabetes – causes explained and cleared.

  • Intestines – conditions cleared.

  • Back – middle and lower area problems cleared.

  • Neck/Shoulder – pain identified, and causes cleared.

  • Lungs – problems identified and cleared. 

  • Skin – problems identified and cleared. 

  • Traumas - Addressing deep rooted issues and releasing them.

  • Visitation - Greeting loved one's as well as pets who have crossed over.

"Anything is Possible" 

- Dolores Cannon 


All quantum healing works toward the same goal – to connect you with your Higher Self so you can find comfort, understanding, and resolution to your current life's issues, ailments, or dis-eases.

They all work wonders, what's most important is the practitioner who’s facilitating you.

I've studied both modalities as well as other avenues of healing and have created a meditative version that can access the Higher Self and isn't stapled to the word "Hypnosis". A visually guided story line that is spoken out loud and communicated through you. I am your facilitator to healing. 

Always go with your heart, and what excites you. Especially when it comes to choosing a practitioner/facilitator.

Quantum Healing isn’t surgery. The person who will give you the best experience is ALWAYS the person you have the strongest heart connection with. That is always something you want to follow. It's nice for someone to have training and much experience. These are good staples but remember not everyone who practices for years is considered proficient. Some can take to their work very quickly and be extremely good overnight.


Experience can be desired, but it isn't everything. Your heart connection is. 

When you find your practitioner, you'll KNOW. It's a feeling.

If you’re going to choose anything, choose your efforts over your indecisiveness.





Christ H.

Simply Amazing!

There are not enough good things I can say about my session with Linna. From the second I spoke to her, I felt at peace and that I could trust her. This is very rare for me, as I am extremely guarded with my energy, and it is difficult for me to fully relax in similar environments. Linna is different though. She has a kind soul and a very soothing voice. The Quantum Healing session itself was incredible. I was able to connect with my higher self and ask dozens of questions, some of which I had been seeking answers to for YEARS. I was able to find answers on some deeply personal subjects, and also learned some secrets of the universe. Very fascinating and sometimes mind-blowing! I could not have been happier and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much for the experience Linna!!!

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