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"Linna Kay: The Literal Best Quantum Healer"


My session with Linna was absolutely life changing and phenomenal. Before my session, we did a consultation. She’s SO informative and passionate about Quantum Healing. She is also very responsive! At the start of the session, not knowing Linna too well, she made me feel comfortable and at peace sharing my life with her. Right off the bat, I could tell that her vibes and aura was one that was rooted from such a good and pure place. During the session, she was able to take me through this amazing journey that was something I had never experienced before. She kept me safe, and happy throughout the whole session. Without going into too much detail, I learned things about myself and got clarity with everything I was curious about at the start of the session. Ever since, life has been unfolding for me in the best and unexpected ways. Linna Kay, you’re a treasure to the world. 12/10, highly recommend!!


"Intense Grounding & Healing"

Linna is amazing! Her work assisted me on my levels. Her guidance allowed me to reconnect to myself and source energy. I loved every step of our time together and look forward to seeing her again soon. ❤️ If you are looking for answers and healing, she will get you there!

A. Kay

"Psychic Travels"

Linna has such a calming & mesmerizing voice I could listen to for hours. Her guidance through various levels of subconscious was incredible to listen to! Also, before diving deep Linna's assessment was caring & very detailed to where I felt comfortable moving forward with deeper discoveries. She is an incredible healer that is wise beyond her years. ❤️


"Worth it"


Calming and Relaxing


"I recommend a healing session with Linna"

"My session with Linna was literally out of this world she took me to places beyond imagination got a lot of closure from past trauma at the end we even experienced a loud unexplained noise wish I believe was some so of negative entity leaving afterwards I felt refreshed and still continue to feel great thank you Linna you have helped me change my life in a positive direction


"Quantum Healing Session"

Linna was absolutely amazing. She made me feel super comfortable and like I could fully trust her and let my guard down. She guided me through a really special session and I’m so grateful for the experience. She was super knowledgeable and amazing. Highly recommend her!!

Gracce Rose

"My experience with beautiful Linna"

The hypnosis therapy session today went more then I ever expected would come out of a session! Over the entirety of the day, flashes of events and circumstances throughout the course of my life here continued to present itself all day in my mind. I looked at these experiences all so different and seeing and finally understanding the events throughout life were all there as teachings and blessings to a much greater picture that I remembered I had seen before. The hypnosis Brought a lot of clarity and alot of sadness that I had felt as a child and even through the hypnosis was because of the fustrations of not being in flow with the divine creation of everything as well as people not understanding the harmony of life. I have been seeing alot of syncronisties throughout today and realized I had actually seen alot of those things growing up and not seeing it properly till alot was cracked open in my hypnosis.
It's hard to explain how it feels but it's almost like you go to sleep and something else takes over and helps expert really.

Your higher self /subconscious.
I really do appreciate linna in so many ways. Her energy is extraordinary and loving. I feel her beautiful intensions and warmth from over the other side of the world. She is a living angel and the trust I have her is so deep. I thank you so much. It sounds cliche that this has changed my life. But it has. Because of what has surfaced through the hypnosis it truly has rippled Onto all areas of my life .past present future in and out all around in perfect harmony and flow. I will definitely be working with linna in the near future and I honestly cannot recommend her enough ❤️❤️❤️


"It’s truly transformative"

Every time I work with Linna, she makes me feel extremely comfortable to open up about things I would typically be hesitant to share with others. She is super open-minded, and it allows me to talk about the “craziest” ideas that I have without feeling like I’m going to be judged. I recently found out that I was one of her first clients and worked with her again, and I can say full heartedly that she has grown so much as a practitioner and has allowed me to dive deeper into my subconscious. It makes me feel super grateful to have someone I trust fully work with me on my spiritual journey and self-discovery.

Linna does everything to encourage her clients to put what their subconscious says into practice, and it has been extremely helpful because I tend to be a knowledge hoarder rather than actually action oriented. It’s really nice to have a change of pace.

Daniel H

"Post Session Testimonial"

First things first. Thank you Linna. This experience has changed my life. I know you say, “I am only your guide”, and I have to say, the best damn guide one could have. Trust was imperative for me on this journey and due to who you are at your core, I was in perfect hands. I never knew how much wisdom, love, knowledge, and forgiveness…. among other things…. I had inside me. We are all connected. Deeper than anyone can ever imagine. At the center of this connection. Love. The appreciation I have for life, the anger/hurt/frustration that has been lifted, the questions that were answered, my new level of empathy/sympathy for others, and the reconnecting with “myself” are just the beginning of what’s possible. To anyone reading this, please understand: this journey only goes as far as you want to go. This journey is within you and controlled by you. Linna is only the guide to help you reach the destination YOU determine and seek. And for me, I could not ask for a better guide. Thank you beyond what any words could ever express. As the song goes, “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone”



The most intense experience of my life. She made me feel so comfortable before, because I was so nervous. She has me so relaxed and so calm before I knew it I was under. The body Scan , the healing , the energy after that I had and felt was just amazing. I couldn’t stop talking about it that I had my daughter and 3 of my friends go and they couldn’t stop talking about her and thanking me. Linna is amazing ♥️ I would highly recommend her.


"Amazing Work!"

Working with Linna was just fantastic! She helped me navigate through and to where I needed to go. My goals and perspectives are clear to me now and I owe it all to Linna and her gift. Forever grateful.


"Clarification and Peace"

Linna was so easy to connect with and I was easily guided by her. Upon meeting her, I felt far more comfortable than I expected and did not feel restricted in what I could tell her. The whole experience was incredible, and I am already planning to do it again.


"Positively Life Changing"


I came to Linna for help after multiple accidents and injuries. I’ve been in several chronic pain for many years.
I’m beyond grateful to report that I woke up the next day with little to no body pain. It was so faint, and I deeply felt that it too, soon will be gone.

Linna, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your time and talents with me!
You have helped to bring me and my family SO much peace, but I am also on the road to a healthier, much more fulfilling life.


Linna is extremely professional, reliant, honest, and incredibly easy to talk to.
I deeply appreciated how much she genuinely cared about me and the experience.

I highly recommend her and her business!


"A Divine Connection"

I had mentioned on a social platform that I have reached out to multiple QHHT practitioners, but none had replied to my request for a session. Linna replied to my post and mentioned she offers QHHT sessions and would be happy to help. I am thankful for the chance encounter because our 6-hour session was amazing and very enlightening. I learned about everything I had questions about from my higher self. The session helped me understand the reason for my fears and gave me the ability to release them. The session also helped me realize more about my life path. I have a new excitement about the things to come. Linna ensures she asks the permissions needed and ensures a safe and relaxing environment. Thank you for this priceless experience


"Become Your Own Expert"

It’s been more than 3+ weeks since my first session with Linna and it has been a roller coaster since. Linna is an amazing listener who systemically helps you determine what it is you need in your own healing journey. I value what I’ve learned from the session because ultimately, what you leave with is, this strong self of confidence that you have all the answers you have ever been looking for. Linna’s work emphasizes your ability to not only begin the healing journey during your time with her but also in the aftermath. Since our session, it has been so much easier for me to stop doubting everything going on in my mind and allow the process to flow to its natural course. It has opened the floodgates, for sure, but I asked for it :). If you’re constantly doubting yourself and your soul's mission, do yourself a favor and book Linna as a guide! I have to also add—I requested Linna to assist with my case promptly because of my physical health and boy did she deliver! She is very responsive and prompt! Thank you Linna for your expertise!


"Life Changing Session!"


I was a bit nervous at first, but Linna has such a beautiful spirit that my guides and highest self instantly felt comfort with her. I could feel my highest self-coming out soon as I met her via zoom. The session healed me from a deep cellular level of all aspects. Within the first 24 hours I had noticed major changes. Such as no more bloating, no more sugar cravings, no more loneliness, stronger connection with higher self, I can feel ET energy all day!!, I astral travel at night like I have never before, my psychic reading, and energy healing session are beyond words' I am able to leave my body and go into my clients and remove blockages.... so cool! I am so connected that I can hear, sense and feel energy and everything that is about to happen.
I can digest many foods I could never before, including dairy. I have so much faith, I have fully surrendered. I am less triggered by the external world, because I understand they are here to play with me so I can evolve to the fullest.

100000% recommend Linna session!!!!

Brittany H.

What an amazing healing experience and facilitator

Linna is such a lovely soul to work with! She is so tapped into this work, and her facilitation of the session was effortless. The truths and realities that she was able to allow me to access from my subconscious were so wild! I will recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking to expand their conscious reality and experiences. Thank you Linna for a gentle and beautiful experience!

Denise Foust

Healing Experience

Linna is such a friendly and pleasant soul to work with. I had no idea if I would be capable of reaching my higher self but with gentle guidance from Linna I was able to help heal many ailments I have been experiencing. I can feel my body healing more and more each day. Digestive problems, sinus problems, skin problems, chronic coughing etc . are lessening each day. This is the best I've felt in years. Thank you Linna for your guidance in helping improve my health. God bless.

Christ H.

Simply Amazing!

There are not enough good things I can say about my session with Linna. From the second I spoke to her, I felt at peace and that I could trust her. This is very rare for me, as I am extremely guarded with my energy, and it is difficult for me to fully relax in similar environments. Linna is different though. She has a kind soul and a very soothing voice. The Quantum Healing session itself was incredible. I was able to connect with my higher self and ask dozens of questions, some of which I had been seeking answers to for YEARS. I was able to find answers on some deeply personal subjects, and also learned some secrets of the universe. Very fascinating and sometimes mind-blowing! I could not have been happier and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much for the experience Linna!!!

Shelly Wiatrowski 


I saw Linna on TikTok and immediately was drawn to her and her practice. Upon speaking to Linna over zoom for my consultation I knew this was the right fit! She then led me down my new path of higher being and healing. THANK you so much Linna!! What a great experience! I went to bed very early after my session, I woke up full of energy today and ready to tackle the very thing that was holding me back, me!!! I am overjoyed by this experience and highly recommend Linna to be your guide!

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