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House Clearing

Spiritual House cleansing consists of removing unwanted energy or spirits, ghosts, apparitions, and even elementals from one's home. The home is an extension of once's self. Things that effect your home can be a reaction to what's happening in your life and even something seeking attention of those living inside. 

How it Works

Human beings can be extremely powerful energetic beacons for spirits and elementals. Depending what is going on in one's life and how someone handles their emotions can actually attract unwanted entities. These can attach themselves to a person and even a sentimental object like a left-over heirloom. Residual spirits can also stay behind because they are not ready to move on. Sometimes they're being held back by something or someone.

Many times, a child manifests an apparition. Children are very powerful. When they aren't taught to harness their emotions, can create energetic chaos which enables telekinetic movement in one's home and energetic field.

Children can be very open to connecting or tapping into what is beyond the veil. Seeing passed loved ones, making friends with the deceased, spirit guides, and elementals, i.e., fairies, trolls, pixies, etc. 

What is important is to notice what was going on in the home when it all started. Where it started. And how it is behaving, especially if and when someone specific is around.

Try These Methods First:

  • Sage the home

  • Paolo Santo smudging

  • Voicing clearly that this is your property, and it needs to move on

  • Bringing in a priest to bless the home

  • Changing your routine and emotions in the home

If these methods didn't work and you are still being terrorized by ghosts, spirits, entities, or elementals, reach out to me immediately and we can discuss the next course of action. I will arrive at your home and use mental astral projection to X-Ray your home to find where the entity resides. Once I understand who and what it is, I will be able to go in and perform a clearing. 

This requires the house to be COMPLETELY VACANT of all residents except for the owner or head of the house.

Less energetic interference is better.






Received training from Lee VanZyl South African Medium.

Lee VanZyl operates the MontClair Psychic School.

I will make myself available as soon as I can if need be. 

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